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  • SPF 30 REEF FRIENDLY SUNSCREEN LOTION: Embrace the Warm, Embrace the Sun. Crafted with a meticulously curated blend of essential elements, our Sunscreen offers your skin a resplendent, seductive radiance that perfectly complements your classy taste.
  • MOISTURIZING ISLAND SUN PROTECTION: Experience the epitome of skin pampering with our opulent, oil-free, and reef-friendly sunscreen. This exquisite formula not only shields you from the sun's rays but also lavishes your skin with the ultimate moisture and protection it deserves. So, bask in the sun's warm embrace without a care in the world, knowing you're wrapped in sheer elegance.
  • NOURISH YOUR SKIN LIKE ROYALTY: Elevate your skincare regime to the heights of opulence! Our radiant sunscreen is not just a shield, it's a lavish elixir that guards against sunburn, banishes the specter of premature skin aging, and dances gracefully with your skin's natural beauty. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals, for our formula is free from Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and Parabens, ensuring your skin is treated with nothing but the utmost care. Embrace the path to sun-kissed splendor.
  • HOW TO USE. Begin your sun ritual by adorning your skin with our lotion 15 minutes before embracing the sun's warm embrace. After 80 minutes of vibrant sun activity, grace your skin anew. Keep the opulence alive by applying every 2 hours, ensuring your skin revels in the lap of luxurious sun protection.
  • EMBRACE THE ELEGANT BEACH LIFESTYLE: Aruba Sun sunscreens are thoughtfully crafted to shield those of us who call the sun our neighbor and the beach family member. Proudly owned by an Aruban family, BEACH IS LIFE.

spf 30, reef act compliant Aruba.

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